About Baton Rouge Party Buses

Baton Rouge Party Buses takes great strides in providing some of the highest quality vehicles in the Baton Rouge area. Not only are our vehicles top-notch, but our drivers go through a rigorous training course in order to ensure customer safety. We drug test our drivers to ensure no illicit checmicals are in their body. On top of that, we do a road test and check their driving record. If they pass, and only with flying colors, we might add, they are allowed to be drivers for our company.

We go above and beyond to ensure the highest quality of our vehicles. If you're in need of a great vehicle, you're in the right place. That place is Baton Rouge Party Buses. Throughout our years in business, we've done our best to keep our overhead low which gives us the ability to lower our prices and in return, our customers remain happy.

If you like large party buses that have leather interior, dancing poles, bars with built in ice coolers, private VIP areas and more then you will love our buses. Are buses come standard with those items, televisions, and our high quality sound system. Our vehicles are bumpin' and if you want to be part of a party on the road then we're the right choice for you.