Baton Rouge Party Buses Frequently Asked Questions

Are we allowed to cancel once we give you our deposit?

Unfortunately due the nature of the business, when you give us your deposit you are stopping us from selling that vehicle for the future. This causes us to miss out on any potential profit that we could have made. When we hold it for you we expect you to use it. So we cannot allow cancellations for any reason whatsoever.

Really? Not even for reason X? How about reason?

We do apologize but in order to stay in business / offer party buses at a reasonable price we cannot allow any cancellations.

Is smoking allowed Baton Rouge Party Bus vehicles?

No. LA State Law prevents us from allowing any smoking on our vehicles. Not only that, it causes extensive cleaning which, in return, costs us to spend more to clean, and finally, causes us to sell the buses at a higher price, and no body wants that.

Okay, how about food?

Bring it on! We have counter space in some of our vehicles, although it is limited. Feel free to bring whatever you need on board and we'll make sure you get to where you need to go safely.

Can we have multiple stops during our transportation?

Yes. You may stop as many times as you need for any reason whatsoever. Just let our driver know and he or she will stop as soon as they can and you'll be able to take care of whatever it is that you need to do.

How can I keep my drinks cool?

Our bars have built in ice chests in them. This causes us to be able to cool your drinks off the whole time you're on or of the bus! We're sure you'll be happy with the quality of them.

What if I need more time?

Let your driver know with as much notice as possible and he or she will explain the overtime rules to you. Essentially you get billed the same hourly rate but it's processed in quarter hour intervals.